Granular Sulfur

Brand: Iran
Product: Granular Sulfur
Specification: Lump Sulphur,Granular sulphur, Pastile sulphur, origin Iran, Purity 99.8%, Ash 200,Moisture 850,Acidity Max 50 ppm
Quantity: 20000 mt
Delivery term: FOB Bandar Abbas
Offer Date: 2023-12-27
Price of Granular Sulfur 80 USD/mt
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Granular Sulfur
Lump Sulphur,Granular sulphur, Pastile sulphur, origin Iran, Purity 99.8%, Ash 200,Moisture 850,Acidity Max 50 ppm
Lump and Granular or pastile Sulphur used as a primary material in producing sulphur compounds, sulfuric acid, fertilizers, electric insulators, pharmaceuticals, tire production, gun powder and matches
For update of price and capacity please provide your last BL and business card along with LOI
Lump Sulphur Iran Granular Sulphur Iran Pastile sulphur Iran Supply and exporting of pastile and granular and lump sulphur from Iran From Iran two kined of sulphurs are supply able based on base material gas or oil products and gaseous sulphurs have minimum 99.5 percent purity a and oil base sulphurs have minimum 99.8- 99.98 percent purity. Users select sulphur based on their requirements in production. The price of sulphurs are valid at the date of offer. For any update on price and capacities need proofs from buyer . A: Terms to buy suplhur in small quantities: 1-Minumum contract 2000mt 2-Minimum shipments 1000mt 3-Packing jumbo bags 4-Delivery term FOB Iran ports 5-Payment by deposit of money in exchange shop in Tehran and pay after loading and issuing BL price is as quoted above B: Terms for export of Sulphur in big quantities 1-Minumum quantity 20000mt for far destinations and 5000mt for close ports to Iran 2-Packing: bulk or Jumbo for jumbo price is 10 USD/MT higher than quoted price above 3-Delivery term: only CIF term 4-Payment by SBLC and BG and none Iranian documents 5- Price of sulphur : as quoted above with FOB term and any shipping cost will be added to it Option B: Deal with NIGC with advance payment and exwork: Sale terms to buy sulphur from refineries Payment for lump and granular or pastile sulphurs:105% cash in advance to the account of refinery in IRR in Iran and if the refinery accept payment in USD in foreign accounts Declaration for export of lump sulphur will be with the name of the buyer in case the buyer is buying in IRR and must be Iranian established company. in case the payment is in USD then the buyer shall be foreign buyer. Shipment of sulphur from factory only allowed by truck and loader will be supplied by the buyer Delay in introducing forwarder will result on additional cost of storage in warehouse. 10900 IRR/mt will be charged for weighing cost. 9% as value added cost will be charged for domestic buyers. Procedure to buy Lump ,Pastile and Granular sulphur: 1-LOI to OPAP along with fund proof and resume and passport copy and business card of CEO 2-Soft offer by OPAP 3-The buyer accepts price and terms and puts commission fee in an exchange shop 4-The Proforma will be issued with the name of buyer For hiring us as purchase consultancy of sulphur please provide papers of your company along with resume and fund proof and LOI for NIGC and authorizing us as your purchase consultant. OPAP offers purchase service to importers of granular and lump sulphur from Iran.

Lump Sulphur
Granular sulphur
Pastile sulphur
origin Iran
Purity 99.8%
Ash 200
Moisture 850
Acidity Max 50 ppm

Bunkering Service
5000 mt
ship to ship Persian Gulf

Price of Bunkering Service --/mt

Nori Pc
Heavy End Iran
311200 BBL

Price of Heavy End Iran 112.76/BBL