Product: Catalyst
Specification: Catalyst ,Zeolyst 503 TM 1.6 TL CATALYST
Quantity: 200 mt
Delivery term: Exwork Iraq
Offer Date: 2023-05-13
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Discount on base of PG Platts: - USD/mt
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Catalyst ,Zeolyst 503 TM 1.6 TL CATALYST
Catalyst for desulfuring of oil products in oil refineries for purfying of gasoline and gas oil
For update of price and capacity please provide your last BL and business card along with LOI
CATALYST ZEOLYST DESULFURIZING AGENT for oil refineries Limited quantity Origin of catalysts: Inida,China, Belgium Packing : steel drums 145 to 165 kg net Delivery term for catalysts: Exwork Iraq warehouse Payment for catalysts: advance after yard visit and clear on loading on Trucks and CMR For pricing and yard visit please present BCL and business card and last bl for any oil products and LOI.

Zeolyst 503 TM 1.6 TL CATALYST

Liquid Chlorine
500 mt
Exwork Factory

Gas oil EN590 10PPM
1200000 mt
FOB Primorsk

Price of Gas oil EN590 10PPM NWE Minus 70 USD/mt