Heavy Naphtha

Product: Heavy Naphtha
Specification: Heavy naphtha,Color 25 min, Density 757 kg/m3 max,Sulphur0.08% max, IBP 100 Min, FBP 180 Max
Quantity: 70000 mt
Delivery term: FOB Assaluyeh
Offer Date: 2022-11-06
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Heavy Naphtha
Heavy naphtha,Color 25 min, Density 757 kg/m3 max,Sulphur0.08% max, IBP 100 Min, FBP 180 Max
Heavy Naphtha used as refineries feed for producing light Naptha , gas oil , Gasoline, kerosene
For update of price and capacity please provide your last BL and business card along with LOI
Naphtha Heavy Heavy Naphtha The Price and discount for Heavy naphtha in PG Platts is as offered above The price of Heavy Naphtha is valid at the date of offer. for any update on price and allocation there is need to resume and fund proof from buyer. OPAP Purchase consulting supplies Heavy and light naphtha with bellow terms and procedure: Main Terms and conditions to buy Naphtha from NIOPDC: 1- Product : Heavy Naphtha 2- Origin Iran 3- Specification of Heavy Naphtha as attached sheet 4- Packing of Heavy Naphtha : Bulk shipment in bulk tanker vessels 5- Delivery term : FOB Iran ports 6- Price of Middle Naphtha : Persian Gulf Platts (Dubai Platts) minus quoted discount with term FOB Iran ports Price of Naphtha in PG Platts is as quoted above 7- Payment for Heavy Naphtha: 110% of the value of each shipment in advance to the account of the refinery out of Iran 10% against proforma invoice and 100% before loading 8- Performance bond guarantee: 10% of payment will be used as PBG in case the buyer fails to make shipment in due dates 9- Quantity of heavy naphtha: 35000MT minimum Documents need for Registration with refinery : 1- LOI to NIOPDC or refinery 2- Papers of establishing of the company showing right for signature 3- Resume showing past deals on oil products like last BLs 4- Fund proof from a prime bank 5- Passport copy Procedure of buying Naphtha: 1- LOI for OPAP as consulting company confirming deal terms 2- Providing all documents requested above 3- Applying for buying obligation and putting commission in an exchange shop 4- Issuing proforma for first shipment 6- Advance payment to the seller`s account Please issue your LOI +Resume to OPAP confirming all terms and procedure.

Heavy naphtha
Color 25 min
Density 757 kg/m3 max
Sulphur0.08% max
IBP 100 Min
FBP 180 Max

Bunkering Service
5000 mt
ship to ship Persian Gulf

Price of Bunkering Service --/mt

Sulphur Powder Iraq
50000 mt
FOB Basra

Price of Sulphur Powder Iraq Argus - 20 USD/mt