Ammonia Liquid

Brand: Shiraz
Product: Ammonia Liquid
Specification: Liquid Ammonia, clear water color, purity 99.9%
Quantity: 25000 mt
Delivery term: FOB BIK
Offer Date: 2023-05-03
Price of Ammonia Liquid 610 USD/mt
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Ammonia Liquid
Liquid Ammonia, clear water color, purity 99.9%
Ammonia has usage in production of cleaning agents for glass and steel industries , urea, explosers
For update of price and capacity please provide your last BL and business card along with LOI
Ammonia Liquid Ammonia origin Iran Price of liquid ammonia based on Platts with a discount as offered in above table For now there is no pricing. for quotation need business card, last bl or bcl and LOI. Deal terms for liquid ammonia: Product: liquid ammonia Specification of ammonia : 99.9% purity as attached sheet Packing : bulk Quantity: 25000mt Delivery term: FOB Iran ports Price: will be quoted on request with BCL and last bl Payment: 110% in advance to the account of petrochemical company out of Iran Shipment time: 25 days Procedure: 1- Request with BCL and last BL and LOI and business card 2- Updating price and terms 3- The buyer applies for deposit of commission 4- Proforma will be issued by the seller 5- The buyer follows instruction in PI

Liquid Ammonia
clear water color
purity 99.9%

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