Urea N46% Granular

Brand: Iran
Product: Urea N46% Granular
Specification: Biuret 1% max, Formalehyed 0.45-0.55, Particle Size 90% 2-4 mm and 0.2% less than 0.55, Moisture 0.2-0.4, Nitrogen 46% min, PH 8.5-9.5, Crushing Strength 3kg, Stowage actor 1.35 bulk (m3/ton), Bulk Density 75-760 gr/Lit
Quantity: 30000 mt
Delivery term: FOB BandarAbbas
Offer Date: 2024-05-21
Price of Urea N46% Granular 278 USD/mt
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Urea N46% Granular
Biuret 1% max, Formalehyed 0.45-0.55, Particle Size 90% 2-4 mm and 0.2% less than 0.55, Moisture 0.2-0.4, Nitrogen 46% min, PH 8.5-9.5, Crushing Strength 3kg, Stowage actor 1.35 bulk (m3/ton), Bulk Density 75-760 gr/Lit
Urea N46% Granular used as fertilizer in agricultural for enriching of soil
For update of price and capacity please provide your last BL and business card along with LOI
Urea N46% Granular Fertilizer Granular Urea N46% origin Iran OPAP offers purchase service to importers and exporters of Urea N46% Granular Fertilizer from Iran. Granular Urea N46% are suppliable from various petrocheimcal factories in Iran: Kermanshah petrochemical company Lordegan petrochemical company Pardis petrochemical company Shiraz petrochemical company and prilled urea from Shiraz and Khorasan petrochemical company Delivery terms for urea are Ex-factory,Ex-warehouse of the buyer in the port,FOB. Packings for urea are break bulk in jumbo bags,50 kg bags,and bulk (FOB only). The price of Granular Urea N46% is quoted in above table. Prices of urea n46% are valid at the date of offer. For update of price of granular urea n46% there is need to your last BL or BCL and business card. Loading ports for sea shipment of urea N46% are Asaluyeh, Bandar Abbas or BIK ports. Deal terms for Urea N46% Granular Fertilizer from Iran: Option A: Direct deal with Petrochemical company with advance payment : 1. Product: Urea N46% Granular or Prilled Urea Fertilizer 2. Producer: on Consultant option from petrochemical companies in Iran 3. Specification of Urea N46% Granular Fertilizer: as attached sheet 4. Packing of Urea N46% in bulk or 1000 kg jumbo bags Packing of urea in 50 kg bags are accepted in smaller quantities 5. Quantity: 25000mt-50000mt each shipment 6. Delivery term: FOB south ports of Iran Delivery term Exwork - ex-warehouse of the buyer at the port also are workable 7. Price of Urea N46% and packing are as quoted in above table 8. Payment: 20% Cash in advance to the account of petrochemical company out of Iran and 80 % balance payment shall be paid prior to arrival of the vessel or before loading 9. Shipment: starts less than 20 days Option B: Contractor and supplier will be a trading company Delivery Term: FOB or CIF buyers destination are negotiable The Price of Urea N46%: equal to the price of petrochemical companies as quoted above plus 12 percent with FOB Term Iran ports Shipping cost will be added for CIF contracts Payment: 100% by at sight LC against shipping documents at loading port Documents and origin: origin and documents will change to other countries Shipment: starts less than 30 days For negotiable please provide your last bl or BCL or with business card Commission: 2% of total value of all shipments will be paid by the buyer as commission Commission excluded in the price and will be paid by the buyer. For update of available allocation and update of the price of urea n46% please provide fund proof, one of your last BLs, passport copy and LOI and clearly confirm above terms and bellow procedure. Procedure to buy Urea N46% Granular Fertilizer: 1.The buyer provides resume and fund proof and passport copy along with LOI and target price. For Resume please provide one of your last BLs. 2. Agreement on deal terms and confirming agreed price and deal terms by the buyer 3. The buyer signs commission contract and deposit the commission in an exchange shop in Tehran and makes obligation will buy with agreed terms and price and will pay commission 4.The seller issues Pro-forma Invoice 5.The buyer and seller follows terms as quoted in PI 6-The buyer release commissions after issuing PI

Biuret 1% max
Formalehyed 0.45-0.55
Particle Size 90% 2-4 mm and 0.2% less than 0.55
Moisture 0.2-0.4
Nitrogen 46% min
PH 8.5-9.5
Crushing Strength 3kg
Stowage actor 1.35 bulk (m3/ton)
Bulk Density 75-760 gr/Lit

Calcium Hypochlorite
100 mt
Exwork factory

Coking Coal
110000 mt