Kerosene by Land 

Product: Kerosene by Land
Specification: Kerosene origin Iran, FBP 275, Residue 2, Density 820, Color 25,Sulphur 0.15%,
Quantity: 4000 mt
Delivery term: Exwork Arak
Offer Date: 2023-09-20
PG Platts price for Kerosene by Land is 931 USD/mt
Discount on base of PG Platts: 160 USD/mt
Price of Kerosene by Land 771 USD/mt
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Kerosene by Land 
Kerosene origin Iran, FBP 275, Residue 2, Density 820, Color 25,Sulphur 0.15%,
kerosene a white and odorless fuel for use in lampa for illumination and use in kerosen heating furnaces for cooking and heating
For update of price and capacity please provide your last BL and business card along with LOI
Kerosene Kerosene origin Iran for export by land shipment Kerosene for Iraq,Kurdistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan,Armenia Price of kerosene is valid only at the date of offer. For update of the price of kerosene need last BL or BCL from buyer. The price of kerosene is on base of price of kerosene at PG Platts with applied discount as quoted above. Main terms for import of kerosene from Iran: 1-Kerosene specification as attached 2-Destinations: All land destinations 3-Packing of Kerosene : bulk 4-Delivery term of kerosene : Exwork Bandarabbas, Ahvaz and TorbatJam Oil storage 5-Payment 100% of the value of proforma in advance to the seller`s account 6-Contract bond guarantee 5% of the value of PRO-FORMA 7-Shipment starts within ten days and 30 days is duration of shipment 8-Inspection:The buyer allowed to apply by his own inspection before leaving the yard otherwise the lab report of the seller is final Procedure to buy kerosene from Iran: 1- Issuing Request, resume, fund proof, Passport copy 2- Updating and Offering deal terms by consulting company 3- Signing consulting contract and making deposit consulting fee in money exchange shop in Tehran 4- Issuing proforma by the seller 5- The buyer applies for payments and introduces vessel for shipment Please issue you lOI with resume and your last BL for start.

Kerosene origin Iran
FBP 275
Residue 2
Density 820
Color 25
Sulphur 0.15%

Liquid Chlorine
500 mt
Exwork Factory

LPG vessel
4600 mt